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Ballet, Hip Hop, Tap, Modern, Jazz and more


2 Year Olds 

tippy toes

A half hour class designed specifically toddlers who are 2 years old. Children will explore song and dance and basic tumbling skills. Interaction with other toddlers makes this a wonderful first group activity experience. 

3 & 4 Year Olds 

tutus for totsStudents ages 3-4 will be introduced to a variety of beginning ballet positions and steps through the Beginner level of Sonshine Christian Ballet Syllabus using correct ballet termenology along the way. A variety of props including hats, musical instruments, and tiaras are used to produce creative movement to upbeat Christian music. 



taps for tots

5 Year Olds 


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Students in each of these 30 minute class continue building upon the skills learning in the Preschool class but with more memorization and more detailed arrangemenets. Students are also introduced to the ballet barre in Primary. Creative Dance and Tap are still utilized.

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6 Year Olds 

6 year old dancers transition into a more structured dance class environment. In each of these class we continue building upon Primary skills with more intense focus on body placement and performance language skills.

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class-ballet.jpgBallet is the foundations of all dance forms and we highly encourage all of our students to attend ballet classes in order to develope their dance ability. Our studio is the only studio in the Friendswood area that uses a professionsl ballet syllabus in its classes. For more information on the Sonshine Christian Ballet Syllabus, please visit the Ballet Program link.


class-jazz.jpgA highly energetic class with its roots found in ballet. Jazz is the style of dance most seen in Broadway musicals and stage productions. Focus' include flexibility, various leaps and turn combinations, as well as progressions across the floor. 


class-hiphop.jpgA street style type of dance heavily influenced by music and culture. Hip-Hop can be fast and hard hitting as well as more lyrical and soft, interpreting raw emotions in a modern way.


class-lyrical.jpgRequiring a heavy foundation in ballet, lyrical movement is motivated by emotion and typically tells a story conveying that emotion to its audience. Music lyrics play a large part in the motivation behind the movement. 

Musical Theater 

class-theater.jpgOur Musical Theater dance classes combine song and dance and are taught by both a vocal coach and a dance instructor. Students work on pieces from family friendly musicals including The Lion King, Mary Poppins, Oklahoma, and more. Honing their vocal skills while performing fun and entertaining choreography.


class-modern.jpgDeveloped in the early 20th Century as a rebellion to the ridgid constraints of ballet, modern dance places emphasis on space, free form, and unstructured movement. Since its development, like ballet, different methods of modern dance have been developed by pioneers such as Jose Limon. Martha Graham, Merce Cunningham, Lestor Horton, and Eric Hawkins. 


class-tap.jpgA type of theatrical dance commonly seen in old movie musicals. Tap requires precise rhythm with the ultimate goal being to produce clear, clean sounds with various levels of tone. 

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Fall Childrens 2017

Fall Graded Technique 2017

“My daughter has taken dance for many years, but I have to say that this year at Chara Dance has by far been her most positive experience and she has grown by leaps and bounds in her technical abilities.”